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OSRAM 12V Halogen Motorcycle Headlight/headlamp - 62234

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  • RMB 1.3 /
  • 10 pieces a set 10 sets a carton
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1. Accurate positioning of the filament
2. Firm structure
3. Strong earthquake resistance
4. Long life span

Osram company is a member of Siemens group, is one of the world''s top motorcycle lamps manufacturers. Osram lighting company is a professional manufacturer which produces the maximum vehicle lamps in the word with the best selling.

It devotes to innovating, designing and producing high quality products required by the market. It is famous for its excellent products and  offers matching products for global world-famous brands.
Osram lamp is strictly accordance with the international standard, has precise filament positioning.


OSRAM Motorcycle Headlight

product code voltage wattage lamp cap
62334 12V 18/18 P15d-25-1

product features

1. Filling halogen gases, compared with traditional incandescent lamp, the brightness increases 25%

2. Accurate positioning of the filament

3. Firm structure

4. Strong earthquake resistance

5. Long life span. Use horniness glass technology, delay ageing of lamps and lanterns

6. Driving is much safer,  irradiation range is more broad, light shape is more perfect.

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