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XENCN 12V Rainbow Halogen Headlight/headlamp great performance

  • FOB Price:
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  • RMB 12 /
  • 2 pieces a set 20 sets a carton
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Model: 64132RNW
Voltage: 12V
Wattage: 6W
Inconspicuous sigal lamps for the better performance.


Product description

Certification and standard

Nominal voltage

Nominal wattage

General description







  RAINBOW series--invisible lights broke amber depressing of traditional indicator light.It use a multilayer coating process, which make headlinght sending out amber light. When don''t light, there is light blue dazzle colour appearance.It lead the fashionable trend .


1.Its life span is twice as long as standard indicator light.

2.It is the only color indictor light which obtain E1 quality authentication in the world.

3.It have fashionable appearance as well as resist scratch and high temperature

4.Satisfy original equipment standard, do not need modification, can be directly replaced


Suggestion: Please change the two bulbs at the same time



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